So What’s the Plan Batman?

The plan is simple… in theory. I intend to gradually decrease the ammount of time i spend asleep and spread it over several ‘naps’ throughout the day.

See…. Simple

What’s not so simple is that I will eventually be running on 2 hours of sleep a day, split between 4 naps. This means a nap every 6 hour. In the past, people hace done this in a single jump, going from 8 hours Monophasic (1 sleep period per day) straight to the *Everyman Polyphasic (4 x 30min naps, every 6 hours).

While this seems to work for most people and previous individuals report that after around day 10 the body adjusts and you no longer feel sleep deprived, I feel that gradually altering my sleep pattern may be a better way of allowing the body to adapt. (Our circadian body clock does this naturally throughout the year, though on a lesser scale)

So I and my research partner have devised a 70 day (10 week) routine to gradually decrease and separate my sleep times.

We will be doing daily reports on many variables relating to how my body and mind reacts to these changes and to see any points where the process could be improved upon.

These  variables include things like skin condition, aggression, depression, heart problems and diet through to hallucinations and paranoia.

I truly believe that this can be successfully done with little to no adverse affects to my long term physical and psychological health, though i will discontinue the experiment if that turns out not to be the case.

If it does succeed and I can use 22 hours out of the day I will be going on to other “Transhumanist” experiments to see just how far the human body can be pushed.

I shall leave you with a quote that has stuck with me for some time:

“I intend to live forever…. So far so good!”

*Everyman is a term first coined by blogger PureDoxyK in the early 21st century


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