Week One: Day One (The beginning of the beginning)

So, I suppose i should start with what week one is. The plan of the first week is to run a Monophasic sleep pattern for 8 hours per day. I originally thought to start with what will no be week two, but after discussions with my partner about my (erratic) sleep patterns, it seemed a good idea to get a baseline for my sleep and OBS. Plus it also gets me into a good routine to progress from.

As for the day itself. It’s been…. Uneventful. I suppose these first few weeks won’t be that interesting but necessary if i want to do good research and collect solid data.

There have been some issues with starting today as over the weekend I was quite unwell but Luckily feeling much better today. I am taking into account that my OBS may reflect this in the coming days as my body settles and finishes recovering.

That being said. I have noticed my creativity levels are dramatically lower than they usually are. My mind usually thinking of new concepts and ideas (most of them rubbish I might add). Though my aggression is also lower than i would usually expect. I seem to be slightly more sedate, but not lethargic or drowsy in the slightest. I have smoked slightly more today and had several more coffees than i’m accustomed to and I started to get tired about an hour or two earlier than i’m used to. (it’s 9pm now and I’ve started to get lazy eyelids, where as usually this doesn’t occur till around 11-12pm).

I was also planning to start my vlog today but due to being ill i look incredibly rough (i usually look pretty rough as it is), I decided it wouldn’t be fair on the public to see such a thing. It’ll hopefully be up and running tomorrow.

Anyway, hope you all had a fantastic day and roll on tomorrow


“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”
Albert Einstein



2 thoughts on “Week One: Day One (The beginning of the beginning)

  1. I did the same thing to start off, though I reduced my monophasic sleep down to 7 hours before actually moving to Biphasic. Are you having caffeine in your coffee? I find that it messes with my sleep and just keeps my mind buzzing even more than it usually does which makes it really hard to fall asleep quickly. I weaned myself off caffeine before starting.


    1. I do have caffeine in my coffee, but i make sure i don’t have one for an hour or so before i settle down to sleep. I find that’s enough of a gap for me to be able to go to sleep with little trouble. Though i desperately crave one as soon as i wake.


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