We’re really bad at this…

Week 3, Day 2

We must mention that Nathan is currently taking antidepressants for the sixth day so there are confounding variables present. However, we have tried to take into account the side effects and mood changes of the medication as we have both had experience taking these.

Nathan is currently sleeping 12am until 6am. I have noticed that he is smoking a lot more, especially throughout the day when he becomes tired. Whereas his aggression levels have lowered significantly and do not fluctuate throughout the day, beforehand when he became tired he got aggressive (think: toddler) but having a set sleeping pattern has improved this. Following this, he has a lot more control with his emotions, but I believe that this is mainly due to the medication, although I could be mistaken.

Unfortunately, his creativity levels have decreased since the experiment began, this may be down to also not having enough concentration to do the set task or because his activity level has dropped. In contrast to this, Nathan seems a lot more awake and will engage in activities set by others.

In addition, it is not known whether his memory has improved or deteriorated over the course of the experiment. As I mentioned above he is taking antidepressants so I will not comment on his depression levels for that reason.

Overall, Nathan is enjoying the experiment and is not yet finding sleeping to set times challenging.


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