Week 2. Sorry about the wait

I apologize for the time between this and my last post. I have been having a few issues at home and have literally just gotten back from the doctors. Nothing major to worry about but I haven’t really been in the mood to post because of it.

As for my Vlog idea. I’ve tried recording it a couple of times and to be honest, i don’t think i’m cut out for speaking into a camera… It just feels a little alien to me.

My sleep pattern is now down to 7 hours monophasic and although i am a bit tired towards the end of the day, I am still feeling pretty good.

I have found that my appetite has increased quite dramatically and delaying a meal seems to make me very lethargic and (groggy). I’m not entirely sure why this is but i assume my brain is using up more nutrients to counteract the reduction in  sleep.

My smoking has also decreased and I seem to have little desire to smoke anymore, though i put this down to psychosomatic effects.

Again I apologize for my lack of posts but I ‘should’ be back on track now.

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive–to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”
Marcus Aurelius


Week One: Day One (The beginning of the beginning)

So, I suppose i should start with what week one is. The plan of the first week is to run a Monophasic sleep pattern for 8 hours per day. I originally thought to start with what will no be week two, but after discussions with my partner about my (erratic) sleep patterns, it seemed a good idea to get a baseline for my sleep and OBS. Plus it also gets me into a good routine to progress from.

As for the day itself. It’s been…. Uneventful. I suppose these first few weeks won’t be that interesting but necessary if i want to do good research and collect solid data.

There have been some issues with starting today as over the weekend I was quite unwell but Luckily feeling much better today. I am taking into account that my OBS may reflect this in the coming days as my body settles and finishes recovering.

That being said. I have noticed my creativity levels are dramatically lower than they usually are. My mind usually thinking of new concepts and ideas (most of them rubbish I might add). Though my aggression is also lower than i would usually expect. I seem to be slightly more sedate, but not lethargic or drowsy in the slightest. I have smoked slightly more today and had several more coffees than i’m accustomed to and I started to get tired about an hour or two earlier than i’m used to. (it’s 9pm now and I’ve started to get lazy eyelids, where as usually this doesn’t occur till around 11-12pm).

I was also planning to start my vlog today but due to being ill i look incredibly rough (i usually look pretty rough as it is), I decided it wouldn’t be fair on the public to see such a thing. It’ll hopefully be up and running tomorrow.

Anyway, hope you all had a fantastic day and roll on tomorrow


“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”
Albert Einstein


From the human Guinea pig’s partner…

As a research partner, I will take on the task of analysing his behaviours over the course of the ten weeks and making sure he is still fit to continue with the experiment.

Obviously there will be factors that won’t be measured by me e.g. cigarettes per day as this would be pointless; I will therefore specialise in monitoring his mental state and some other physical OBS which will be explained in a later post.

From someone that takes a keen interest in psychology, I am looking forward to this experiment and gathering results which could potentially be used in further research.

I am although nervous (for lack of a better word) about how severely Nathan will be affected, especially in the early stages, by sleep deprivation…after all we don’t want another Russian sleep experiment experience on our hands!

Preparing for the Gauntlet

5 days to go…

Today I’ve been preparing. At least I think that’s the word. Getting my sleep into some semblance of a routine, eating more and more regularly, and generally trying to be a bit more active (I am prone to being a bit, how should we say, lazy).

On the whole it seems to have done some good. I feel more alive today. I’ve had a lovely steak to build up my protein intake and even had a couple of apples (something else I rarely do is eat healthy foods).

The logo is finally finished, as is the cover picture for the Facebook page. I’ll get onto the Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+ pages in the next couple of days.

So… what’s next…

I need to build some form of support for my camera for the daily Vlogs and getting a structure in place for keeping all the data and resources neat and tidy.

Hey I might even take up jogging……………..

P.S. I’m going to be putting a quote of the day at the end of each post (just a little passion of mine. Hope you don’t mind :D)

So long for now.


“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ― Ernest Hemingway

So What’s the Plan Batman?

The plan is simple… in theory. I intend to gradually decrease the ammount of time i spend asleep and spread it over several ‘naps’ throughout the day.

See…. Simple

What’s not so simple is that I will eventually be running on 2 hours of sleep a day, split between 4 naps. This means a nap every 6 hour. In the past, people hace done this in a single jump, going from 8 hours Monophasic (1 sleep period per day) straight to the *Everyman Polyphasic (4 x 30min naps, every 6 hours).

While this seems to work for most people and previous individuals report that after around day 10 the body adjusts and you no longer feel sleep deprived, I feel that gradually altering my sleep pattern may be a better way of allowing the body to adapt. (Our circadian body clock does this naturally throughout the year, though on a lesser scale)

So I and my research partner have devised a 70 day (10 week) routine to gradually decrease and separate my sleep times.

We will be doing daily reports on many variables relating to how my body and mind reacts to these changes and to see any points where the process could be improved upon.

These  variables include things like skin condition, aggression, depression, heart problems and diet through to hallucinations and paranoia.

I truly believe that this can be successfully done with little to no adverse affects to my long term physical and psychological health, though i will discontinue the experiment if that turns out not to be the case.

If it does succeed and I can use 22 hours out of the day I will be going on to other “Transhumanist” experiments to see just how far the human body can be pushed.

I shall leave you with a quote that has stuck with me for some time:

“I intend to live forever…. So far so good!”

*Everyman is a term first coined by blogger PureDoxyK in the early 21st century

The Countdown Begins

So I’m getting ready to start my Polyphasic sleep experiment and I’ve decided to give some of my thoughts regarding it.

Firstly I’m very excited to be trying to improve myself, after all, don’t we all want to be better than we are. Though I must confess to some trepidation. I’m nervous that sleep deprivations will become too much for me, that it will cause my anxiety and depression issues to flare up or that I’ll ‘lose touch’ with reality. With help from my partner I have developed a OBS sheet of sorts. A list of daily questions that both myself and my partner will answer to get an idea of the strains and general effects of shifting to a Polyphasic sleep pattern. (The schedule and details regarding to the data I’m collected will be explained in a later post.)

For now all I can say is that I’ve looking forward to the extra time I’ll have to prepare for my daughters birth and to get on with some other projects I’ve been meaning to find time to do.